Thursday, August 1, 2013

tutorial of twitter for online learner

Twitter is the modern communication system around the world. At the new age of today Twitter is used by many people. There is above 150 up countries people are using Twitter globally. It is as known as more popular then other social sites. There is nobody who use internet who don't know about Twitter. Twitter website address is ''www.". Twitter page rank is 10 on 10. Twitter alexa is in to 10. Anybody can earn, sell, buy anything through Twitter. Now it is a big marketplace for online user. You can advertise your product globally easily. You can create huge followers for you and you can follow people which people you like. you can Wright post or article within 140 words. you can send message to others people. you can retweet others people. The inventor of twitter is "jack dorsey". Twitter is the most increasable social site in this world.
What is twitter:-Twitter is the biggest social communication  site around the world.  we can create understanding with many user by using twitter. Twitter is mainly invented from a bird name called tweet. by doing tweet we can send our message to people. anybody can like our post. by using this anybody can visit my all information or my site.
What is follow:-Most important part of twitter is follow. We can find anybody's information by following him/her. If we follow somebody and if he/she know us then he/she can reply follow us. If we follow any celebrity there is small percentage to refollow us. So if we want to create more follower then we can create a twitter account as a specific seo,linux,ms office,Email marketing etc.
What is follower:-follower means who follow some one. After my following anybody can reply follow us or he/she can find me beside there side. searching is the best process of following. we can easily find our asp acted person by searching. If i tweet anything then my followers will easily got it on there wall. my post work like a timeline page to my followers.
What is post/re tweet:-tweet means what we post on my profile/page or what we post anybody's page. If anybody tweet then there follower will find this post. Its like a message. After this tweet send any followers can reply, comments, message or a nice feedback can be send about tweet.we can made 140 words tweet at a one time. we cannot write more then 140.
What is re tweet:-After posting anybody's same tweet if anybody think that it's important for them then he can re tweet it again. Its means the same message is send other. Its like share. There is many re tweet happens in twitter world. Some of company free service provide to re tweet by dollars'.
SEO with Twitter:-Twitter is the biggest platform of seo . I think there is no alternative of twitter. we can create instant backlink by twitter. We can post our information on twitter and many seo services company count the tweet of any sites how much. Twitter page rank and alexa is good and so why it's counted a nice space of tweet. We can find our post at a better place through twitter.
Compare between facebook and twitter:-There is more similarity between Twitter and Facebook. It's more important to know the difference because the two website is now more popular in this modern era. now there is a nice compare chart you can see below.
serial no
re tweet
140 word message
unlimited message
follow at least 2000
you can make 5000 fnd
you cannot tag or don't have timeline
you can tag data and  have a nice timeline
you can share video,links and picture only
you can share video,audio,links,
picture,file,data etc.

Save your Twitter account from hack:-
1) Don't  create more twitter account from 1 computer IP address.
2) Don't create unnecessary account.
3) You can do your sites seo by only one twitter account.
4) Don't open more twitter account for seo.
5) Keep safe the twitter account overall documents.
6) Mostly Email account info should safe hidey.
7) Don't try to login others account. If you done this you can lose your account from your IP

8) You maybe can suspend various reasons.    Only you can save your account by your email id.
9) Don't login your account in front of anyone.
10) Don't signup any account without writhen the actual information.
11) Don't give up try to save your twitter account if your account become suspend.
12) Tweet regularly for more security.
13)  Don't follow more then 2000.otherwise you cannot follow more.
14) Sign up mobile number must be collect all time.if you lost the number then you can be loos the account

15) Create long tale password.

Friday, July 19, 2013

tutorial of facebook for online learner

tutorial of facebook for online learner
Facebook is the modern communication system around the world .At the new age of today facebook is used by many people.there is above 150 up countries people are using facebook glovaly. It is as known as more popular then google. There is nobody who use internet who don't know about facebook.facebook website address is ''". Facebook page rank is 10 on 10. Facebook alexa is 2. Facebook is created by a great gentleman whose name is "mark jukarburg". He was a student of Harvard university of USA. Mark jukarburg is now a rich man and a billion ear of usa. He is an intelligent guy. He is maintaining his facebook company today with many computer engineer and worker. Anybody can earn,sell,buy anything through facebook. Now it is a big marketplace for online user. You can advertised your product globally easily. You can create huge friends.

What is facebook:-Facebook is the most used communication system around the world today. Facebook is the biggest instant advertising platform instantly around the world. we can made friends from any countries people,we can share our opinion,present situation, we can create status comments like and follows.we can also create group and create page of any subjected.
Facebook work:-Facebook work like live.we can send message within a minute. we can share our photo.we can share our written that our friends can see and gives like comments or share it.we can tag anything to our friends to there timeline.
Facebook facility:-facebook gives us many facilities.we can find our old or new friends instantly by query.the can known us and by accepting our friend request they can be our friends. we can do our email marketing,news publishing,blog info sharing and many others thing.
Why should we use facebook:-If anybody wants to keep continue with world then he has no way without facebook. It will help you to communicate with others people.
we can find any new and update news of world.we can share our life centiment with others.we can love people.we can make thousands of friends.we can share and parentally store our picture or video.we can live chat with people. we can create an advantaging nice platform.we can made more fan and our followers by facebook.
Why should we avoid facebook:-If you want to be a unknown person or alone then you need not to be use Facebook. If you are a uncivilized person then you need not to be use facebook. If you don't need to published all think that facebook does then you need not be a facebook user.
Problems of facebook:- Facebook Don't create any problems but user can create some problems. If any user does't obey the social rules of life then it would be a problem for us.
SEO with Facebook:-Facebook is the instant biggest platform of seo. anyone can easily do any sites seo by facebook.we can create thousands of instant backlinks by facebook.we can create nice backlinks with more fan page or related fan page.we can send post to anybody's visiting this wall anybody's can find our sites.
How can I save my facebook account from hack:-
1)you can be a member of any group but don't involve with more group.
2)always be a member of social any events group. don't involve with illegal group.
3)don't send any friend request to unknown man or women.
4)you cannot send friend request any rejected account by them. which account don't want you.
5)send normally 20 friend request to any friend.
6)don't give any body your password
7)Don't type password in front of anybody
8)change your password within 1 month
9)create long tale password
10)don't type password giving hints like your mobile number,birth date,telephone or college or veracity name,works name and others name that can be specific you.
11)when you create a facebook account,then safely save the actual document file.
12)Sign up mobile number must be collect all time.if you lost the number then you can be loos the account.
13)Safely keep the documents of EMAIL account.
14)don't create more fan page in one can create differencely fan page without any facebook user account.
15) Don't delay to login.regular log in can save your account.
16) sending friend request to unknown person is risky. It can be block your account.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

safe your email account from hack

Email account is the most important part of online. there is nobody who don't know about email account. Email is a free message service which is provided by many companies. it is completely free. You need not to tax for it. there is many free email company like google,yahoo,hotmail,msn,bing,live,ovi etc. Google is on the first place on email sector.there Email domain name is .its mean google is at the second place.there domain name is . about all email you must need to use "@".this is a keyword. Suppose "" "" .this is Email id called gmail and ymail.on online sector if you don't  have a email account you will not be able to access Wally. so email account is must.
Email means electronic mail.we can thansfer our text,graphics,video,odio,data through email within few minutes around the world without any is a great avenger today's  life. Email account is not free from hack.everyday there is more email account face on hacking by hacker.if you lose your account then you will miss all the information you have.if you lose a facebook email account then your facebook account will face a risky will lose your face book account too.if you lose your odesk account email then you will lose all the money you have.though email  service provided company is strictly providing there service but hacking is not preventing by them.they fale to prevent hack with hacker mind.they are using smart technology to prevent hacking.  there is a cure to save your account to being should follow some roles to prevent this.
1)unpublished your Email account.
2)changing password time to time.
3)changing your email id time to time.
4)create a main email on beside create some extra email for you.
5)create a long length password.
6)use character,intiser,float  tipe charecter.
7)Wright the password when you create the account
8)If you have more account then type of passwd should be diffrence.
9)Don"t give anybody your actual password and email account
10)gmail and yahoo is more safe so you can use those.
11)some of unrelayable  sites provide the email service and hack you dont open any unfamous site.
12)before opening a new account know all the fak of there email service.
13)when you use the email then carefully sign out.
14)sign out is the most important that can save your site.
15)If you use blogspot then your Email id should be hide.
16)regular sign in also can save your Email
17)If you sign in after some year then you maybe find there is a restriction or you can see your email id is deactivated.
18)when you do seo work then fixed an email for create sign up.
19)you can use virtual drive or dropbox but don't through your password in it.
20)Use your actual information.
21)delete your unnecessary inbox document
22)don't open your account publicly.
23)you can backup your important document.
24)put your document safe or protected drive or hide it.
25)Don't gather your email in inbox. delete inbox when its growing much. clear spam and draft.
26)Don't  put big file in your email. You can use virtual hdd.
27) Email account should be creating long.
28) Email password should known by only one for more secure
29) Email id can change by time to time for more secure
30) Don't  delete your email id forever.
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

importantly of online earning through internet

Online earning is now the first choice of any employer. Today most of the people like online job. It's to comfortable and luxury job. there is huge kinds of job in online. This is most important that what your choice is. What you love it is also depends on category of job. Most important and less important is also should be clarify on this matter. A  job is not like a simple word or character. Everything on any jobs depend on it's final destination. there is some right and wrong job at online now. Most important is your nice choice. if you can choice any good job for your Carrie then it can be effective for you and your future. there is some false site for online income. they are providing false help for people. They are giving more and more opportunity and favour but everything is false. they try to destroy anybody and there life with there high profile and loos impressions. they are just fake. If you find any qualified websites then its to be effective for you and your carrier. to choice a good site there is some quality's and famousness.odesk.freelancer,jobboy,microworkers,minuteworker,deshiworkers is the relay able site for online money making. they will provide you a good money getting source. If you done any work then its sure that you will find your salary just on time. They follow some step and they maintain those roles strictly. this is your turn to choice a effective way to do online moneymaking work. there is some strictly restriction on this meter that you should be obey. I you can convince your site following some steps then it would be beneficial for you and your work.
there is many kinds of job like full time, part time, hourly, weekly, contract and so on. If you are a student then i will suggest you to do part time or hourly job.
we believe that a worker will be qualified when they will find a better platform of work. so choice a better platform is must important. hard worker can be rich a better position within short time. on the other hand lazy worker doesn't exist and become flew away like a crow.
look my dear bro/sis now you have lot of time to expense. so you should give concentrate about this meter. you will success one day if you don't give up your dream. the great successful dream. enjoy with working to make your life fulfil complete and dreamy. I believe that you will overcome your madness of doing other jobs like fake. so do seo with your time. world is waiting for you. so hurry and give-up worry.
Enjoy my friends with search engine optimization

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