Thursday, August 1, 2013

tutorial of twitter for online learner

Twitter is the modern communication system around the world. At the new age of today Twitter is used by many people. There is above 150 up countries people are using Twitter globally. It is as known as more popular then other social sites. There is nobody who use internet who don't know about Twitter. Twitter website address is ''www.". Twitter page rank is 10 on 10. Twitter alexa is in to 10. Anybody can earn, sell, buy anything through Twitter. Now it is a big marketplace for online user. You can advertise your product globally easily. You can create huge followers for you and you can follow people which people you like. you can Wright post or article within 140 words. you can send message to others people. you can retweet others people. The inventor of twitter is "jack dorsey". Twitter is the most increasable social site in this world.
What is twitter:-Twitter is the biggest social communication  site around the world.  we can create understanding with many user by using twitter. Twitter is mainly invented from a bird name called tweet. by doing tweet we can send our message to people. anybody can like our post. by using this anybody can visit my all information or my site.
What is follow:-Most important part of twitter is follow. We can find anybody's information by following him/her. If we follow somebody and if he/she know us then he/she can reply follow us. If we follow any celebrity there is small percentage to refollow us. So if we want to create more follower then we can create a twitter account as a specific seo,linux,ms office,Email marketing etc.
What is follower:-follower means who follow some one. After my following anybody can reply follow us or he/she can find me beside there side. searching is the best process of following. we can easily find our asp acted person by searching. If i tweet anything then my followers will easily got it on there wall. my post work like a timeline page to my followers.
What is post/re tweet:-tweet means what we post on my profile/page or what we post anybody's page. If anybody tweet then there follower will find this post. Its like a message. After this tweet send any followers can reply, comments, message or a nice feedback can be send about tweet.we can made 140 words tweet at a one time. we cannot write more then 140.
What is re tweet:-After posting anybody's same tweet if anybody think that it's important for them then he can re tweet it again. Its means the same message is send other. Its like share. There is many re tweet happens in twitter world. Some of company free service provide to re tweet by dollars'.
SEO with Twitter:-Twitter is the biggest platform of seo . I think there is no alternative of twitter. we can create instant backlink by twitter. We can post our information on twitter and many seo services company count the tweet of any sites how much. Twitter page rank and alexa is good and so why it's counted a nice space of tweet. We can find our post at a better place through twitter.
Compare between facebook and twitter:-There is more similarity between Twitter and Facebook. It's more important to know the difference because the two website is now more popular in this modern era. now there is a nice compare chart you can see below.
serial no
re tweet
140 word message
unlimited message
follow at least 2000
you can make 5000 fnd
you cannot tag or don't have timeline
you can tag data and  have a nice timeline
you can share video,links and picture only
you can share video,audio,links,
picture,file,data etc.

Save your Twitter account from hack:-
1) Don't  create more twitter account from 1 computer IP address.
2) Don't create unnecessary account.
3) You can do your sites seo by only one twitter account.
4) Don't open more twitter account for seo.
5) Keep safe the twitter account overall documents.
6) Mostly Email account info should safe hidey.
7) Don't try to login others account. If you done this you can lose your account from your IP

8) You maybe can suspend various reasons.    Only you can save your account by your email id.
9) Don't login your account in front of anyone.
10) Don't signup any account without writhen the actual information.
11) Don't give up try to save your twitter account if your account become suspend.
12) Tweet regularly for more security.
13)  Don't follow more then 2000.otherwise you cannot follow more.
14) Sign up mobile number must be collect all time.if you lost the number then you can be loos the account

15) Create long tale password.