Thursday, July 4, 2013

safe your email account from hack

Email account is the most important part of online. there is nobody who don't know about email account. Email is a free message service which is provided by many companies. it is completely free. You need not to tax for it. there is many free email company like google,yahoo,hotmail,msn,bing,live,ovi etc. Google is on the first place on email sector.there Email domain name is .its mean google is at the second place.there domain name is . about all email you must need to use "@".this is a keyword. Suppose "" "" .this is Email id called gmail and ymail.on online sector if you don't  have a email account you will not be able to access Wally. so email account is must.
Email means electronic mail.we can thansfer our text,graphics,video,odio,data through email within few minutes around the world without any is a great avenger today's  life. Email account is not free from hack.everyday there is more email account face on hacking by hacker.if you lose your account then you will miss all the information you have.if you lose a facebook email account then your facebook account will face a risky will lose your face book account too.if you lose your odesk account email then you will lose all the money you have.though email  service provided company is strictly providing there service but hacking is not preventing by them.they fale to prevent hack with hacker mind.they are using smart technology to prevent hacking.  there is a cure to save your account to being should follow some roles to prevent this.
1)unpublished your Email account.
2)changing password time to time.
3)changing your email id time to time.
4)create a main email on beside create some extra email for you.
5)create a long length password.
6)use character,intiser,float  tipe charecter.
7)Wright the password when you create the account
8)If you have more account then type of passwd should be diffrence.
9)Don"t give anybody your actual password and email account
10)gmail and yahoo is more safe so you can use those.
11)some of unrelayable  sites provide the email service and hack you dont open any unfamous site.
12)before opening a new account know all the fak of there email service.
13)when you use the email then carefully sign out.
14)sign out is the most important that can save your site.
15)If you use blogspot then your Email id should be hide.
16)regular sign in also can save your Email
17)If you sign in after some year then you maybe find there is a restriction or you can see your email id is deactivated.
18)when you do seo work then fixed an email for create sign up.
19)you can use virtual drive or dropbox but don't through your password in it.
20)Use your actual information.
21)delete your unnecessary inbox document
22)don't open your account publicly.
23)you can backup your important document.
24)put your document safe or protected drive or hide it.
25)Don't gather your email in inbox. delete inbox when its growing much. clear spam and draft.
26)Don't  put big file in your email. You can use virtual hdd.
27) Email account should be creating long.
28) Email password should known by only one for more secure
29) Email id can change by time to time for more secure
30) Don't  delete your email id forever.
 thanks for this time
jainul Islam rizbi


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