Sunday, June 9, 2013

which website is created by whic ginious & abbreviation of yahoo

YAHOO!="yet another hierarchical officious oracle"
discovererd by

  • Yahoo=David Filos and Jerry Yang
  • Google=Larry Page & Sergy Brin
  • Paypal=Peter Thiel                 
  • Wikipedia=Jimmy wales at 2001
  • Skype=Niklas Zehhstom         
  • Linkedin=Peid Hoffman          
  • Wordpress=Matt Mullenweg  
  • Youtube=Chad Hurly,Steve chan and jahed karim
  • Wikileaks=Julian Assange       
  • Feedburner=Dick Costolo      
  • Twitter=Jack Doosy              
  • Facebook=Mark Zukar Barg 
  • Delicious=Joshua Shachter     
  • Amazone=Jeff Bezos              

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for offering who is who and which created these top ranking sites.


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