Monday, June 17, 2013

humen thinking about seo 2013

people means visitors.when we visit sites then it's also call tend of traffic.mostly seo sector stands on  huge traffic.traffic is the most asp acted item on welcome traffic on my site time to time.there is many kinds of visitors in full time visitors,part time visitors,sometimes visitors,monthly visitors,weekly visitors,and you.choice what kind of you are.if you wanna be a good seo optimizer then you must be full time optimizer.if you are a full time optimizer then its too helpful for seo because of some reasons like speedy.1st of all you when browse the site then you will browse your link related sites and you will gather you learn more then other other,your site will rich with rich post and information.always try to regular page related post on your site.try to avoid error and so others work like copy paste,tiffing,following,hacking,crashing,unrelated comments,short comments, but you can follow other site technically,with relation building by email,Skype,by call you can get more traffic on your of the most important think is white seo, whensoever you do it then its will more effective for your site.its will improve your site.otherwise your site backbone will brake and site can be hack or banned.there is many tips and technique in seo in countrywise.they maintains many ways and many method to active seo with various websites.usa at the first position.india,china,Canada,uk,maloyasia,australia and many other country.on besides bangladesh is now contributing and emphasizing on keep continue with seo... 


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