Wednesday, June 12, 2013

what is alexa rank 2013

alexa is called the measurement of website or blog site.we can easily know the value of any site easily. we can measure the average visitor of any site.we can know about alexa in various using ad-ons or alexa website( we use alexa at the web browser as a ad-ons then its easy to know about any webpage using alexa website we can know at the position rank at any country.if its a uk site the we can probably find the uk uk position is at 200.its mean there is 199 website if in front of you.its not a global rank its just a country wise rank.alexa rank isn't still at the same positon.its increase or decrease depending on the value of this site.if any sites alexa 2000,then we can think that its a huge traffic rate website.if its alexa is 200000o,then its a low traffic rate is at the first place by gaining alexa 1.though google page rank is 10 on 10.alexa rank website is not a govment ishue.its a private company that's provide a basic needs of help to the think is very important on alexa rank"alexa rank is only counted by whom who use the alexa toolbar".if any body dont use the alexa toolbar then thy will not to subscribe main think is that we mast use alexa toolbar then our website/blogsite will be counted internationaly.alexa is the think that is unconditional.

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