Sunday, June 2, 2013

most popular some social news sites for backlinks 2013

 1. DesignbumpDesignbump is a social news website that is dedicated for designers. Aside from it has a user-friendly interface, this cool website gives you the way to promote your website and boost traffic by adding the simple tools they provided on your site.
 2. Design FloatDesign Float is a niche social news website that covers the topic, design. It is one of the leading social news website over the web.3. Pixel GroovyPixel Groovy is a community driven website where you can find and share computer learning resources and tutorials. The goal of this website is to create a place where people, especially designers can find reliable and informative resources.

4. PlimeI find Plime a very interesting social news website. Here you can edit weird or any links you find very interesting. Users also earn what they called, karma when other members vote on their actions.

5. Now PublicNow Public is a social news website that is focused on the citizen journalism. Each user who joins the site has their own profile blog where they can upload their videos to share, images and even news.

6. Care2Care2 makes a difference from others because it focuses more on environment topics. Also, it has a service where you can shop and portion of the sales is donated for environmental causes.

7. NewsCloudAre you a Facebook addict and loves to update yourself with the things going on around you with different news? Why don’t you try NewsCloud? NewsCloud provides software solutions for Facebook where it is possible to that you can share news, stories on your Facebook page or profile.

8. SWiKSWiK gives users resources for open source software. This website contains information, guides and news about thousands of open source projects.

9. SphinnA social website where you can search and interact with marketers. This allows you to share and discover news and stories, take part with the discussions, and discover events of interest and network with other users.

10. MetafilterMetafilter is a community weblog wherein users share links and discuss interesting links, websites or topics.

11. EarthFriskEarthFrisk is a social news website that combines social network and group features with a digg-style voting depending on the topics that you want such as politics, health, entertainment and business.

12. KirtsyFor users who are searching for a social news website with several topics to explore on, technology, entertainment, design, food, then kirtsy is the best site for you. Name it, they have it.

13. Free Software DailyFree Software Daily is designed for users, who are in search of free and open source software community with news, articles depending on your interest.

 14. DzoneDzone is a website that has a compilation of links shared by its users dedicated for developers. Mostly topics covered here are about web design and programming.
15. Blog EngageEngage with bloggers by submitting your blog articles in this website, then it will be reviewed by all users and will be promoted by the administrator or the visitors of the website.
Chictini is a social news website that covers everything you want to know about fashion. So basically, it is for women who are into the world of fashion and style
Are you a car lover? Be updated with different news and find reviews and photos of different automotive and vehicles.
26. (for fashion, style and shopping releted)
29. (P2PViNE is a social bookmarking news site that gives latest news in file sharing news and peer-to-peer information.)

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