Friday, May 17, 2013

seo free tips for seo user 2013

Search Engine Optimization has become one of the primary factors in success of any website or blog and so the time we invest to learn the google seo tips is really helpfull.
The maiserment of content in modern day’s blogosphere has increased to such a great way that making your own website stand out is becoming difficult day by day. And in 2014 I will be even difficult. And so I’m here to help you.
As the picture in the right says, this article will carry only those SEO tips which are really advised by Google. The Google SEO tips that we will share with you are still working and hopefully they will always be the best ways to optimize a blog or a website.
So the top 5 Google SEO techniques which can bring a visible change to your website’s daily stats are:
1. made Links to, and from dependable Websites:
Backlinking was just becoming a very spammy work. Many were creating link farms to earn money which has no value. Google thus released updates like Panda and Penguin to kick them off. With time Google has become intelligent and now it can distinguish between a natural link and an artificially created link. My suggestion is to build links with out of the box ideas.
Follow these tips to get the best results from backlinks:
  • Do not make more than 2 links from the same domain name.
  • Try to put the link into an article rather than sidebar so that only 1 page points towards your site.
  • Try not to do reciprocal linking as this is sometimes viewed as spammy by Google.
  • Choose the anchor text to be one of the keywords your website is targeting.
  • Always link to or link from quality sites which have relevant content and good authority.

2. Content is always the public!
You may take lots of advices from SEO gurus, apply all the Google SEO tips, but the prime factor that can lead it to success is the ‘Content’. Having good content is the most important criteria for any search engine while ranking your website. So make sure that the content you generate is plagiarism free, easily understandable, genuinely helpful and informative.
Google wants what readers want. So if you can fulfil the demands of the searcher then that means Google will love your blog and will rank you higher.
Follow these general guidelines:
  • Do not stuff your content with keywords as it will look suspicious and fake to Google. Maintain a healthy ratio of 1%-3%.
  • Do not rewrite any article. Look up for the top ranking articles in Google for the topic you want to write about and come up with even better piece of content.
  • Follow Google’s self-defined criteria for generating and posting content.
3. Maintain Healthy Social dofollow Profiles:
Social Media has become the most popular medium for people to connect and communicate online. And lots of website owners and bloggers drive traffic from them. People also share the best things on social sites. And so Google takes Social Media as a signal to rank sites higher. So optimizing your social profiles is one of the most important Google SEO tips.
If a person with 200 friends on Facebook hits the like button on your content, it guarantees that you will get at least 4 or 5 more views on this article. With a catchy title and good content, this can make your content go viral and give you thousands of views.
Use the following tips for social media sharing:
  • Make a website page on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
  • Post your updates daily at a time when maximum users are expected to be online.
  • Engage with your customers or readers as much as you can to get more recognition.
  • If you want to share multiple links, share them with a suitable gap of at least 30 minutes.
  • If you expect a post to get many comments or likes, also post it on sharing forums like Reddit, Pinterest and Stumble Upon.

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