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how can i be a member of adsense account

Lets know about how to get fast Google Adsense account to your blog. We should know every tricks about and secret about getting Google adsense account fast. Google should must accept your Adsense account if you follow these tips.
More then millions of request Google taking daily on Adsense account. Google Adsense is the best way to earn a lot of money from a blog but, you have to manage a lot of traffic first to your blog. We are using Google Adsense account about 3 years more and our daily earning is more then $55. We don’t set here Google ads because we have some problem.
What you have to do?
  • Make your blog basis on your domain name
  • Choose high paying keyword
  • Keep your blog design fresh
  • Create this pages about us trams and condition Privacy Policy Contact Us
  • Write daily 4 articles by your own
  • Make a lot of back-links from high pr sites
  • Make daily 500 to 1000 traffic daily from USA and 2000 page views
  • Write minimum 200 article by your own in two months
  • Apply to get approved you Adsense account
Make Your Blog Basis On Your Domain Name
You have to make your blog basis on your domain name. It’s should easy to increase your blog traffic fast if you made your blog basis on your domain name.  You should buy .com domain to your blog. You should but your domain and hosting service from the best provider.
Choose High Paying Keyword
You can use Google web master tools to choosing perfect keywords to your blog. Make sure how much traffic are searching daily using your chosen keyword and How much blogs and sites owners using that keyword.
Keep Your Blog Design Fresh
You have to make your blog design fresh. People when visit your blog then need to understood everything easily. Keep your blog always fresh. Don’t place others ads in your blog like clicksor etc. if you want get approved your Adsense account. When you should create “ Privacy Policy “ then use Google Adsense name as your sponsor or advertiser.
Create This Pages “ About us ” Trams & Condition “ Privacy Policy “ Contact Us “
These pages are most important to all sites. When you should apply to your Google Adsense account then Google should must check this pages in your blog before approved. How much times need to create these pages, maximum two hours. Just create this first to your blog and must write these by your own.
Write Daily 5 Articles By Your Own Self 
You have to write daily minimum 5 articles. Don’t give up this. You should try to update your blog daily with 4 articles and minimum 2 articles obviously. Do it regular about two month. You should must write all article by your own, don’t try to post any copied articles in your blog, You may not have enough idea about Google. Google should must find out you if you trying to do copy past. Write minimum 500+ words and 1000+ words should must better to your blog.
Make A Lot Of Back-Links From High PR Sites
We have posted a lot of articles in our blog about making back-links. Please read this articles first.

Make Daily 500 To 1000 Traffic & 2000 Page Views From USA
You have to manage daily 1000 unique traffic to your blog and 2000 page views. If they are from USA then it’s should be much better to your blog. We have also discussed about this “ How to make daily 1000+ unique traffic. So, you may read this post to get daily 1000+ unique traffic.
Write Minimum 200 Article By Your Own In Two Months
If you write more then 200 unique articles in your blog then its should be more easy to you getting Adsense account approved. You have to know about unique article writing. So, Please read out this post and know every details.
Apply Now to your Google Adsense Account
If you wait two month and increase your blog traffic using my methods and rules and tips then you will be able to getting Adsense account! Tell me, If you don’t have enough traffic then how you should earn using your Google Adsense  account. If you have daily 50 visitors only then you should earn maximum $5 in a month! Every newbie’s have to understand this. Don’t get mad to getting Adsense account only, If your blog have daily huge traffic then you can easily earn a lot of money from your blog. So, Please try to increase your blog first and apply to get approved your Google Adsense  account.
We have told everything in details, first try to make fill these and then you should apply to get approved your Adsense account. I’m sure you will must get approved Google Adsense account if you try these tips about two months only and don’t give up these anytime.

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