Friday, May 10, 2013

Directory Tool Instructions

>> Setup Project
  1) Click on Add Project button to start a new
website submission.
 2) Enter your personal information according to
what is being asked next to each fields.
 3) Enter your website information according to
what is being asked, these include your website
url, title, description, keywords and also the
place where you will add a reciprocal link (if asked)
for each directory.
 4) Name the Project with the name of your
website so that you can easily track.
Then click OK button.
 You can also delete or edit a project.
You just have to select one from the drop
down menu and do the modifications.

>> Directories

5) To add, delete, and edit directories
in the software list, just click on the
buttons at the top of the software.

>> Submission

6) Organize your directory list first
by clicking on the columns. Normally,
it’s better to sort the list descending
order according to PR (Page Rank).
7) Start submission by click either double
clicking on the directory you select and then
a little browser will open below.
 8) Once page loads, select the categories in
the website and then click on add links.
9) Once you see the form on the web page,
just click on the button which is represented
by a Blue circle with a tick inside to fill in
the form automatically.
 10) Check if fields are correctly filled in
and the right category has been selected.
Press submit button on the web page.
11) Repeat step 7 to step 10 again until
submission is done.

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