Friday, May 17, 2013

most importent seo tools

Below is a mix of some of the most popular and comprehensive search marketing tools that both Best Rank and other 3rd party websites offer. Each tool is organized into logical sections to make things easier to understand:
Sponsored by Best Rank, Win the Web is an internet marketing podcast about social media and SEO for marketers, business owners and other professionals interested in social media and SEO tips. The goal is to make the show useful and entertaining for casual internet users and advanced online marketers alike.
§                     Subscribe to Win the Web on iTunes – iTunes users can subscribe to make sure they automatically receive each episode as soon as it becomes available
§                     Listen to Win the Web on Stitcher – You can listen to every episode of Win the Web on Stitcher and subscribe via their apps for desktop, tablet and mobile
Check Your Website’s Keyword Rank
The following tools will help you determine at which position(s) your website ranks in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) results pages for a given keyword phrase.
§                     FireFox Rank Checker – Good for a quick keyword ranking check; data is also exportable.
§                     Advanced Web Ranking – A java-based application that costs $99/year, has the ability to track keyword rankings over time, and export data into XML format.
Keyword Research Tools
Find out what your customers are searching for using these keyword research tools, finding what keywords they use and how often they search. You can even see at what times they search based on seasonal trends.
§                     Google’s Adwords keyword tool has fairly accurate search volume numbers and can be seeded with a website URL to generate reports from (if you wanted to look at a competitor’s keywords).   You could also look at your existing webpage’s keywords and cross references that data with search volume numbers to show you relevant keywords that you are not already using, good for expanding that page or creating similar pages on your site.
§                     Our very own Organic SEO Click Distribution Calculator tells you how much traffic (and revenue, optionally) a particular keyword might send to your website at a given position (1-10) on Google’s results pages. This tool is great to see how much you *could* make if you were to get to X position.
§                     Quintura shows you symantically related keywords that you wouldn’t otherwise think of.
§                     Google Trends lets you see keyword trend data over time, a great tool for understanding if a keyword is a good candidate for organic or PPC search campaigns.
§                     Keyword Discovery and Word Tracker are two excellent paid programs that also offer free tools for keyword research. Both services are good for mining long tail keyword phrases.

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