Friday, May 17, 2013

idea about ppc tools of seo

Pay Per Click allows you to purchase important keyword impressions and track the results of your tests to understand how well they convert, which helps you focus your organic SEO strategy on the most lucrative keywords. Try these free PPC management tools.
§                     Google’s Traffic Estimator shows an estimated value for each click for a given keyword on their AdWords program.
§                     Google Adwords preview lets you run a mock Google search without counting as an ad impression, good for testing how your ads or how your competitors’ ads show up for various searches.
Troubleshoot or just make sure that your web server is configured to be search engine friendly.
§                     Check webpage status codes – To find out if a web page is being redirected and what kind of redirect it is
§                     Xenu Link Sleuth - Good for checking broken links and improper redirects that might be happening on your site.
§                     Google Webmaster Tools has a host of cool features from error page reporting to broken links to most popular inbound organic search queries to inbound links, etc.
Analytics and feedback tools
§                     Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that reports on website usage including organic and paid keyword traffic, most popular content, visitor profiles, etc. Just install a snippet of javascript code on the pages of your website that you want to track and you’re tracking in no time.  This tool now even reports traffic in real time!  The downer for this tool is that it stopped reporting most organic keyword traffic in late 2011, part of Google’s privacy policy changes.
§                     Mint Analytics is a paid web analytics tool similar to google analytics except that you install this web app on your server and you get data (feedback) in real time. Mint analytics can be great for social media and time-sensitive campaigns that need precise execution.

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