Friday, May 17, 2013

types of search engine

1. Spiders
The search engine sends out a ‘spider’ or ‘robot’ that records all the text on your website.
That text is then indexed in a database, categorized by keyword, and given a relevancy
ranking. A higher relevancy ranking makes your pages appear higher when the search engine
returns results to a visitor.
a. Main Engines – Google, Yahoo, MSN
b. Benefits – These are the Big Three and they cover 95% of all search engine traffic.
Concentrate your efforts here and forget about the little guys.

2. Directories
Directories have websites submitted to them for review. The best directories are reviewed by
hand and disallow affiliate sites or sites with little or no content. Most directories get very
little traffic but, since the included websites are reviewed for quality, the Big Three consider
them a good source to find new websites. Getting listed in directories is the most common
way to build link popularity.
a. Main Engines –,,,,
b. Benefits – While these engines don’t get a lot of traffic other search engines use their
results. Spider engines like Google consider directories to have high quality content
and often index the directory’s additions.
c. Cons – These engines have been depreciated by the Spidering search engines. They
are probably not worth the money anymore.
3. PPC – Pay-per-click search engines sell ranking by keyword in an auction format. If you
want to have a high ranking you simply bid more for that particular word. These results
appear at the top or side of the regular listings.
a. Main Engines – Yahoo Search Solutions and Google Adwords. Shopping PPCs or
price comparison engines, include,, and
b. Benefits – Getting listed in a Directory or Spider engine can take weeks or months
and getting a good ranking can take up to a year of trial and error. With a PPC listing
you’re up and running in under a week and you can get exactly the keyword and
ranking you want.

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